Christmas 2007

I got all the books I asked for for Christmas this year (mainly because I bought them myself), and a few other suprises I didn’t ask for but that I am very pleased with:

Early Christians in Disarray (Edited by Noel B. Reynolds)

How Wide the Divide (Craig Blomberg & Stephen Robinson)

The Joseph Smith Papyri (John Gee)

Book of Authorship Revisited: Evidence for Ancient Origins (Edited by Noel B. Reynolds)

Lost Christianities (Bart D. Ehrman)

The Book of Mormon Text Reformatted According to Parallelistic Patterns (Donald W. Parry)

The Screwtape Letters (C.S. Lewis)

DVD: “Journey of Faith: The New World” (FARMS)

DVD: “Planet Earth: The Complete Series” (BBC)

 What a Great Christmas!!!

I have to however remind myself that while these gifts are wonderful, they are nothing in comparison to the real gift that we celebrate this time of year. I thank my God and Savior Jesus Christ that he volunteered to perform, and successfully completed, the atonement so that I can have the opportunity to repent and return to my Father.

Merry Chrismas!!

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  1. Elisabeth M. says:

    Hello, person I won’t name!

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