President Gordon B. Hinckley passes away

I just learned approximately two minutes ago that our wonderful prophet has passed away. Pres. Hinckley has been the prophet of the Lord for most of my life, and is the prophet who I grew up listening to. He left a remarkable legacy and changed the church profoundly.

I will miss him, but I know that his teachings were the will of God, and they will continue to be taught by the new Prophet and President of the church. Our great leader will carry on into the next world providing spiritual guidance in some other capacity. The work of the Lord will carry on in the hands of his successors. I am very happy to have lived on the earth with President Gordon B. Hinckley.

A tribute:


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One comment on “President Gordon B. Hinckley passes away

  1. I think he will be greatly missed by all of us. He was a unique prophet, the people’s man. It’s like we each knew him personally. That’s been my feeling, anyway.

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