I have stepped out of the office….

I am currently a student at a major university in Texas studying as an undergraduate in the Geology department. This summer I am taking a required course that will take me away from home for 6 weeks. We will tour New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado camping each night and doing LOTS of geology. This is a “rite of passage” of sorts for geologists.

Because of this event Lehi’s Library will be inactive for the next 6 weeks. I will pick back up here in late June. The Church will most certainly remain true until then. See you in 6 weeks!

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2 comments on “I have stepped out of the office….

  1. Best wishes on your trip, pal. If you get up near Provo and need dinner, drop me a line.

    Best Wishes,

  2. Dr. B. says:

    I added your blog to my site aggregator. Could you please help to attract new users to the Mormon Blogosphere aggregator? Would you add it when you come back from your break?

    Copy and paste the following code into your HTML/JavaScript widget, then take out the # signs:



    Dr. B.

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