First Americans May Have Come By Boat

Joseph Smith suggested in 1830 that at least 3 groups traveled across the sea by boat to reach the new world. This idea has of course been ridiculed throughout the years, since “everyone” know that the Americas were populated by way of land bridge. In 2005 John Sorenson of FARMS wrote about this issue, offering evidence that such maritime expeditions indeed did take place.

Michael D. Coe is one of the world’s foremost experts on the Maya. In his 6th edition of his book The Maya, Coe says the following on page 41:

In spite of over six decades of research, there is little agreement among archaeologists as to when the first settlement of the New World took place. Some geologists have held that the initial colonization of this hemisphere must have been made by Siberian peoples crossing over the Bering Strait land bridge at about 14,000 years ago, during the last maximum of the Pleistocene when the sea level was far lower than it is today. Yet long before this, boats must have been available to the peoples of Eurasia, for recent evidence shows that Australia, which was never connected to Asia by a land bridge, was settled as far bas as 50,000 years ago. The presence or absence of a land bridge from Siberia to Alaska is thus not necessarily relevant to the problem, for the first Americans may well have taken a maritime route.
What does this have to do with the Book of Mormon? Coe certainly is not conciously addressing any Book of Mormon issue, that much should be admitted. Nonetheless, here we have THE EXPERT on all things Maya agreeing that maritime travel may have been a principal means for the colonization of the Americas. He is talking about a time period of 10s of thousands of years go. But what could be done that long ago could certainly have been accomplished a mere 2,600 years go.

Why is it that as the years go by the Book of Mormon story keeps becoming more and more plausible, instead of the other way around? This shouldn’t be happening if it were a fake.

Thanks to Lord Kerry Shirts for pointing this out in his famous youtube videos.

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3 comments on “First Americans May Have Come By Boat

  1. Rob Watson says:

    I saw a National Geographic documentary on this the other day. Something like “Naked Science” was the name of the show. Wish I could find it online.

    It talked about how there is more evidence now than ever before that not only did some ancient Americans make the trip by boat, but that it’s possible that not all of them were Asians. A glacial ice bridge once part of the North Atlantic ice sheet during the last ice age was another possible route from Europe to the eastern coast of North America. Fishermen working along the ice sheet would inevitably have encountered the American continent.

  2. Chris says:

    Looks like it is the “Prehistoric Americans” episode of the “Naked Science” series. It is available as a torrent download.

  3. James says:

    Thanks Guys!

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