American Testament Blog Refutes Slick of CARM

One of the best LDS apologetic blogs out there is called American Testament. I often browse through it always expecting to learn something great. I’d like to combine in this post links to a collection of articles written by Steve from American Testament that thoroughly and effectively refute many of the rediculous criticisms that come from Matt Slick’s pseudo-Christian organization called CARM.

Part 1 — Does the Book of Mormon contradict LDS theology?

Part 2 — Does the Book of Mormon teach that there is only One God? Does it teach the Trinity? God is unchanging? God is spirit? Eternal Hell? Polygamy condemned? If the BoM is the ‘most correct’, why doesn’t it teach many essential LDS doctrines like the WoW or tithing?

Part 3 — Why did the Church change things in the BoM after the death of Joseph Smith? Was the BoM really translated by the power of God if so many ‘changes’ took place later?

Part 4 — (Problems with the Book of Mormon): Adam’s Fall, Jesus born in Jerusalem, cimeters, elephants, honey bees, God dwells in hearts [?], horses, steel, salvation by works, silk, “sufficiently humble”

Part 5 — Why respond to Slick? Final Comments

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One comment on “American Testament Blog Refutes Slick of CARM

  1. Steve Smoot says:

    Ah Shucks… I’m flattered James.

    Thanks for the kind words. I am just happy that my response to Slick is not falling of deaf ears and is being used by someone for a productive purpose.

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