Book of Mormon Evidence

As the years have past, the case for the Book of Mormon has strengthened considerably despite the zealous efforts of critics. This page is dedicated to documenting the many bits of evidence that I come across in my studies. Some of the topics address supposed anomolies, or “problems” that critics have with the BoM; these are sprinkled throughout the list. An enormous portion of this list includes youtube videos by Kerry Shirts (The Backyard Professor), to whom we owe a great debt for making much of this information more accessible. Here is Bro. Shirt’s youtube page. When possible, I include an article (listed by author) that probes the issue more in depth.

This collection of data is so deep, and so broad, that it becomes very difficult to at least not admit that anti-mormon critics have a difficult and uphill battle. For a good introduction into the proper method for evaluating BoM historicity, I recommend Brant Gardner’s (M.A. Mesoamerican archaeology) 2006 FAIR Conference presentation.

Brant Gardner: Convergences and New World Evidence: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5(part 5: MesoAmerican context for Anti-Nephi-Lehis)

The question that one must ask themselves after surveying all of the data is “Could anyone in 1830 have known about these things? If not, is it just lucky coincidence?


Egyptian & Hebrew: The two most important languages Joseph could have chosen——–John A. Tvetdnes, Stephen Ricks
Colophons in the Book of Mormon——- John Tvedtnes
Merismus in the Book of Mormon
Prophetic Perfect in BoM——-Donald W. Parry(FARMS)
The Construct State——-Donald W. Parry(FARMS) John A. Tvedtnes
Repetition of the Definite Article(“the”) & Cognate Accusative(“dreamed a dream”)(4:27)——-Donald W. Parry(FARMS)
Jesus born ‘AT’ Jerusalem(3:35)——-DCP
Alma 46:19, writing “upon the rent” a Hebraism——-Daniel C. Peterson
Hebrew writing in Egyptian Characters——-FAIR
Antithetical Parallelism in the Book of Mormon——-Donald W. Parry
Epanalepsis——-Larry G. Childs
And/If Conditional Sentence


Nephi and Asherah (D.C. Peterson)
Alma: A male Jewish name——-Daniel C. Peterson(DCP) Paul Hoskisson
Nephi: Egyptian Name (John Gee)
Pahoran & Paanchi
Prophetic Callings(5:13)——-John Welch
King Benjamin’s Farewell Speech——-John Welch
Nature of Evidence & Proof; Ancient Near Eastern Records on Metal Plates; General Commentary——-J. Tvedtnes Book(FARMS)
Orphism, Egypt and the Book of Mormon in antiquity——-Noel B. Reynolds
Margaret Barker and the Book of Mormon——-M. Barker M. Barker(video) Kevin Christensen
Hugh Nibley & the forty-day literature
Jewish temples outside of Jerusalem/Nephi’s Temple(4:58)——-Daniel C. Peterson
Jewish Shipbuilding and Seafaring; Raphael Patai——-John Tvedtnes
Metal Plates and the Book of Mormon——-William J. Hamblin William J. Adams
Ancient Hidden Texts——-John A. Tvedtnes
Legal Terminology for Thieves and Robbers——-John Welch
Shipbuilding in Ancient Arabia; Nephi’s Boat and Oman——-Noel B. Reynolds
Ancient Stones used for Light; Jared and Noah——-Nibley Tvedtnes
Book of Mormon Names in Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions——-Tvedtnes, Gee, & Roper or PDF Version
The Illiad and the Book of Mormon——-John Tvedtnes
Korihor struck dumb, Ancient parallels——-John Welch
Nephi’s Bountiful——-Warren P. Aston Journey of Faith
Jewish Feasts in the Book of Mormon——-John Welch
Lehi’s Family in the Desert, Arabian Parallels
Pseudepigrapha and the BoM, extra-biblical themes
Krister Stendahl (non-mormon biblical scholar) studies 3 Nephi
Reformed Egyptian
Mulek, son of King Zedekiah
Deseret and Bees
“Without A Cause”
Nephi’s Bow
Nahom (FAIR video) Nahom (Jeff Lindsay)
Bountiful (FAIR video)
The Dead Sea Scrolls and The Book of Mormon


Mesoamerican timekeeping/’baktun’; general commentary on Mesoamerica——-John E. Clark(baktun) John E. Clark(video) FAIR page
Mayan Armor and the Book of Mormon
The Horse Controversy——-John L. Sorenson Robert Bennett Jeff Lindsay Lehi’s Library
Swords in the Book of Mormon——-Matt Roper
Nephi’s Garden——-John L. Sorenson
Ammon at the Waters of Sebus, Mesoamerican Context——-Hugh Nibley Brant Gardner video
Tropical Climate, Clothing
Heat on New Year’s Day(Lehi’s Library)
Mesoamerican Writing Systems(2:20)
King Benjamin’s Speech: Festival of Booths
“And it came to pass…” in the Book of Mormon
Metals in the BoM part 1
As system of weights and scales (Sorenson)
Elephants in America (Mike Ash) Gomphotheres (Jeff Lindsey) + MADB discussion


Book of Mormon Witnesses (Richard L. Anderson)
Personal Writings of the Book of Mormon Witnesses (Anderson)
Attempts to Redefine the Experience of the 8 Witnesses (Anderson)
How Witnesses Described the Gold Plates (Henrichson)
Not So Easily Dismissed: Some Facts for Which Counterexplanations of the Book of Mormon Will Need to Account (Daniel C. Peterson)
Real Artifacts from Moroni’s Stone Box
Time of Translation
Evidence for Dictation
Textual Consistency
Book of Mormon Politics vs. Joseph’s Culture
Word Print Analysis


DNA Part 1 DNA Part 2 DNA Part 3 DNA Part 4 DNA Part 5 DNA Part 6 DNA Part 7 DNA Part 8 DNA Part 9 DNA Part 10 DNA Part 11 DNA Part 12 DNA Part 13


Mormon’s Editorial Method and Meta-Message (Brant A. Gardner)
Complexity and Internal Consistency of the Book of Mormon Part 1
Complexity part 2–proper names, surnames, Nephite vs Jaredite names, etc.
Complexity part 3–hundreds of characters in the BoM
Complexity part 4–Warfare in the BoM
Complexity part 5–Titles of Jesus
3 Nephi Earthquake——-Jeff Lindsay John A. Tvedtnes Russel H. Ball
Ancient Diffusion of culture, agriculture, animals, technology
A Reply to Critics
Is Book of Mormon Scholarship Getting Weaker and Weaker?
Change in Book of Mormon; ‘God’ -> ‘Son of God’ in 1 Nephi ——- Peterson
Ancient Warfare in BoM, not like 1830——-William J. Hamblin
Warfare in the Book of Mormon Symposium, Introduction
Warfare in the Book of Mormon, part 2; Intro by William Hamblin
The Sword of Laban as a Symbol of Divine Authority and Kingship (Brett L. Holbrook)
Glass in The Book of Mormon(Nibley)
FAIR video response to anti-mormon movie “The Bible vs The Book of Mormon” including the following chapters: introductioncoinsmetalsgrainshorses, geography (old and new world), native americansBoM templesHebrew poetryreformed egyptianarchaeology and the biblesilk, BoM archaeologytestimonies of scholarsgeneral commentary about movie


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2 comments on “Book of Mormon Evidence

  1. Seth R. says:

    Awesome list James. Thanks for putting this together.

  2. James says:

    This is actually old list I did a while ago. I republished it just now because it used to be a “page” of its own, but I’ve downgraded it to a “post” (if you are familiar with WordPress that will mean something). I have a much better presentation of these evidences here:

    I’m in the midst of an overhaul of this blog. I hope it will be more user friendly soon.

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