Original 1830 Book of Mormon

Olivewood Books in Provo, Utah is a popular gathering place for those interested in LDS scholarship. They regularly host mini-lectures and presentations by scholars from the Neal A. Maxwell Institute (FARMS). Just last week Daniel Peterson visited the bookstore to present a new publication called Book of Mormon and DNA Research. That presentation can be seen over at American Testament. Other recent speakers include John Sorenson and Mark Wright.

Olivewood also displays a few interesting artifacts from Mormon history. I sent my my sister over there (she lives in Provo) to take some pictures for me.

Original 1830 & 1880 Book of Mormon, death masksbomboamasks2

The Kirtland Safety Societykirtland-dollar

1880 D&Cdc2

1892 Millenial Star, 1880 D&Cdc-mstar1

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