Heavenly Ascents

David Larsen has an outstanding blog called “Heavenly Ascents” in which he frequently reviews and summarizes the findings of the various biblical scholars he reads as a graduate student in theology program at Marquette University.

In one series of posts David summarizes and presents information from Margaret Barker’s latest book entitled Temple Themes in Christian Worship. Here are links to this series of posts:

Part 1 (The Secret Temple Tradition)

Part 2 (Christians: Heirs of the True Temple)

Part 3 (Jesus, Yawheh, and the Temple)

Part 4.1 (Baptism or Temple Initiaion?)

Part 4.2 (The Ancient Temple Initiation of the High Priesthood)

Part 4.3

Part 5 (They Shall See His Face)

Part 6 (A Well of Springing Water)

Other very interesting posts by David on relevant subjects include:

How many Judaisms?

The Suppression of Ancient Truths: The Reforms of King Josiah or the Deuteronomic Reforms

The Priestly Suppression of Ancient Truths

The Psalms: Hymn Book of the Temple

There is a lot more to be found at David’s blog. I recommend digging around it, you will find lots of fascinating gems.

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3 comments on “Heavenly Ascents

  1. David Larsen says:

    Thanks, James! I appreciate you mentioning my blog here on your wonderful site. I am also very happy about the great research you are doing here. You do an excellent job of covering a wide variety of very interesting topics. Keep up the great work!


  2. James says:

    Thanks David. I view my blog as a depository for interesting things I learn, so I can keep track of them and find them later. Maybe, just maybe, someone out there is benefiting from it too!

  3. Greg says:

    Thanks James – I concur with your comments about David’s site. Concerning the temple, you may be interested in the post What is an Endowment?.

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