A Christ-Centered Book

The following comes from “Expressions of Faith: Testimonies of Latter-day Saint Scholars”.  It is found in the section authored by Donald Parry, under the heading “Unity of Focus on Christ”:

Years ago, Susan Easton Black tabulated all of the occurrences of the names and titles of Jesus in the Book of Mormon[1]. Though Black’s goals were different from those of this article, the results of her findings are quite instructive. According to Black, 101 names or titles of Christ are presented in the Book of Mormon. These include the names/titles Lord God Omnipotent, Redeemer of Israel, Shepherd, and Son of the Living God, each of which is found once in the work. The names/titles Stone, True Messiah, Mighty One of Jacob, and Great Creator are each found twice; the names/titles Holy One of Israel, Lamb of God, Lord Jesus Christ, Redeemer, and Messiah each appear 10 or more times; and the names/titles Christ, God, Jesus, Lord, and Lord God are each found at least 100 times in the book. In all, the 101 names/titles of Christ are collectively presented 3,925 times in 6,607 Book of Mormon verses[2]. Black’s tabulation of the names and titles shows that on average, one name or title of Christ appears once every 1.7 verses.

1. Susan Easton Black, Finding Christ through the Book of Mormon (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1987); Susan Ward Easton [Black], “Names of Christ in the Book of Mormon,” Ensign, July 1978, 60-61.

2. Black, Finding Christ, 5. Chapter 22

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One comment on “A Christ-Centered Book

  1. Dick Stucki says:

    I remember when she wrote the book you are quoting. I have also read the Book of Mormon and I know that it is the word of God. I have prayed about it and know that it will bring a person closer to Gold than any other book on earth. I hope that all readers here will read it and then put it to the test as Moroni gives it in Moroni 10:4. I have done this and testify of its truthfulness whenever I can. It is truly another Testament of Jesus Christ. If any readers would like a free copy of the Book of Mormon, they can go to http://www.mormon.org/free-book-of-mormon and request a copy. I hope they will then put it to the test themselves. Thank you for a great article.

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