Peterson/Hamblin Debate With James White

FAIR has posted a Youtube audio recording of a debate held between Dan Peterson, William Hamblin and James White. This debate took place on Martin Tanner’s old radio program. I posted the transcript to a small portion of this debate in another post. This is sure to be an interesting and exciting discussion.

Here is a link to a playlist with each video of the debate (12 total):

Here is the first video:

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2 comments on “Peterson/Hamblin Debate With James White

  1. GB says:

    I enjoyed it when you posted part of this earlier.

    After listening to it, I was sorry that they went to callers. I didn’t find it boring and I thought the discussion was just starting to get somewhere.

    Oh well to bad.

    Thanks for posting it.

  2. Jonni says:

    Nice post! love your blog

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