Richard Mouw on Evangelical-Mormon Dialogue

Here is an interesting quote from Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary, about Evangelical-Mormon dialogue.

Second, reading [Robert Millet’s] book  has made it even clearer to me that many—not all, but many—of the arguments that I as a Calvinist evangelical have with Mormons are not too far removed from the arguments that I have pursued with theologians who represent traditions that are clearly in the Christian mainstream. We evangelicals argue at length with Roman Catholics about whether the Bible is our only authority or whether there are additional sources of revealed truth that must be taken as equally authoritative. The question of “divinization”—of how we must think about the apostle John’s promise that, while we are already God’s children, “it does not yet appear what we shall be,” but we can be assured that someday “we will be like Him”—has been much discussed between Christians of the Western churches and the Eastern Orthodox. And Bob Millet’s insistence that the “good work” that we must perform in order to gain saving grace is the act of having faith—well, this is not unlike a claim that I regularly argue about with my friends in the Arminian tradition.

Richard J. Mouw, afterword to A Different Jesus?: The Christ of the Latter-day Saints, by Robert L. Millet (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2005), 181.

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One comment on “Richard Mouw on Evangelical-Mormon Dialogue

  1. aquinas says:

    If you are interested, I highlighted an interesting article Mouw recently wrote titled “Convicted Civility and Interfaith Dialogue.”

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