Daniel Peterson: The Role of an Apologist

Here’s a nice quote from Daniel Peterson’s essay in the latest, and last, installment of The FARMS Review (it is getting a new name this year):

In a sense, the scholar, thinker, teacher, or writer who places his or her skills on the altar as an offering to God is no different from the bricklayer, knitter, carpenter, counselor, administrator, dentist, accountant, youth leader, farmer, physician, linguist, genealogist, or nurse who donates time and labor and specific abilities in the service of God and the Saints and humanity in general.

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6 comments on “Daniel Peterson: The Role of an Apologist

  1. Neal Rappleye says:

    A new name for the FARMS Review? Hmmm, not sure how I feel about that (I kind of liked the name, weird as that might be). Any word on what the new name is going to be?

  2. Robert Boylan says:


    IIRC, it will be called the “Mormon Studies Review.”

  3. James says:

    Sorry I forgot to reply Neal. I think Robert is correct.

  4. My favorite incarnation was the original title, “Review of Books on the Book of Mormon,” because it made such a cool acronym: ROBOTMOM.

  5. James says:

    ROBOTBOM was funny, but it would have been even funnier if it were ROBOTMOM.

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