Sorenson’s Map on Google Earth

I figured out a way to present John Sorenson’s geography in an effective and simple way by using Google Earth. It is based on Sorenson’s best guesses from his 1985 book “An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon” in which he correlates Nephite/Lamanite cities with presently known archaeological sites. I found as many of those sites as I could through Google Earth, and I labeled them with the Nephite/Lamanite title that Sorenson suggests. I couldn’t get it to properly work through WordPress, so I did it on Blogspot. Check it out here, or click on the picture below.


I also realize that Sorenson’s work might be considered a little out dated (specifically regarding his interpretation of the cardinal directions), but as far as I know it is still the most comprehensive attempt to correlate Book of Mormon places to real world locations. Perhaps he will have some new information in his forthcoming book (which I hear will be called “Mormon’s Codex”).


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4 comments on “Sorenson’s Map on Google Earth

  1. Charles says:

    Actually there is another comprehensive work that locates places in the Book of Mormon. It is called (if I remember correctly) “Mapping the Book of Mormon” by Richard F Hauck.

  2. James says:

    True enough Charles. Hauck’s geography has not gained support in the mainstream academic community, but you are right. His geography does exist.

  3. Andy says:

    I was just {looking for|searching for|seeking} this {info|information} {for a while|for some time}. After {6|six} hours of continuous Googleing, {at last|finally} I got it in your {site|web site|website}. I wonder {what is|what’s} the lack of Google strategy that {do not|don’t} rank this {type of|kind of} informative {sites|websites|web sites} in top of the list. {Generally|Usually|Normally} the top {sites|websites|web sites} are full of garbage.

  4. M. Pate says:

    CORRECTION: the book by Hauk appears to be: “Deciphering the Geography of the Book of Mormon”
    Dr Robert A. Pate is the author of 4 books, identified at,
    1) Mapping the Book of Mormon: A Comprehensive Geography of Nephite America (2002),
    2) Mormon Names in Maya Stone (2009),
    3) Mormon Key to Maya Code (2012),
    4) Mormon Footprint in Mesoamerica (2012),
    each of which builds successively on the results of the first book (Mapping the Book of Mormon).
    Using portions of the recently published archaeological & native research results of Ruud Van Akkeren and Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos regarding mesoamerican Mayan tribal migrations in Guatemala, Dr Pate’s research correlates the genealogical family history ancestral roots to support the Book of Mormon Mapping results delineated in Dr Pate’s first book. Furthermore, because of the preciseness of the data, the Nephite tribal remnants have been correlated with the Maya Quiche tribes, The Mulekite, Ishmaelite and Zoramite family tribal ancestry correlates with the Kakchiquel branch of the Maya genealogy. The Jaredite remnant family genealogical roots correlate with the Mam branch of the Maya family tree. And lastly, the Gadianton and kishkumen ancestral remnants form the Tz’utujil branch of the Maya heritage. These are SPECIFIC results identified in Dr Pate’s recently published 3rd book, identified above. Dr Pate has the most cogent identification of Book of Mormon sites available! The familial identification is unprecedented in any other work attempting to “identify” Book of Mormon location information.

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