FAIR Study Aids

Since my last post here I’ve had my hands full with many other important projects, including defending my masters thesis, moving my family out of state, and starting a new job. It’s been a very busy winter for me.

I’ve also been busy working on a project for FAIR, namely the “FAIR Study Aids,” which correspond with each weekly Sunday School lesson on the Book of Mormon. It has been a lot of fun and a lot of work. I’ve had a number of ideas for posts here as I’ve worked on this project, and I’m archiving them in my mind for a later date. The FAIR Study Aids will provide summaries of (and links to) the best LDS scholarship related to that week’s Sunday School lesson about the Book of Mormon. We especially focus on apologetic issues and evidence for the Book of Mormon.

I also want to call attention to some other resources for Book of Mormon studies. Professor William Hamblin of BYU has been doing regular podcasts/videos about each chapter of the Book of Mormon at Mormon Scripture Explorations. It is top notch scholarship and you will learn something new every time. I always watch them. Another great resource is the hard work Kerry Shirts is doing with his Backyard Professor videos. Finally, my friends at Sunday School Apologetics are doing a project in tandem with our FAIR Study Aids. Excellent stuff all around.

Stay tuned for future posts here as life begins to slow down in the near future.

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