An Update

It’s been a while! My wife gave birth to a set of twins about 6 weeks ago, so you can excuse me for putting blogging and research on the back-burner for a while. It still is, really, for the foreseeable future.

However, I wanted to just make a few remarks about all the great research that is out there right now.

The 2012 FAIR Conference wrapped up about a week ago and this year they’ve made a special effort to get the texts of all the talks published on their website very quickly so we can read and digest their contents. This has never been done so quickly in years past. There are a lot of fascinating topics to read about:

So far I’ve refrained from publicly commenting on my blog about the fallout at the Maxwell Institute that happened a few weeks ago. There isn’t much to say at this point except that it is a real shame the way Dan and the other editors were treated. Even more disappointing is the change in direction that the Maxwell Institute has decided to go. The good news is that Daniel Peterson has too much passion and zeal for apologetics to let it die so easily. His new journal has recently been launched and there are already two very interesting looking articles I need to read:

Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture

Finally, my studies lately have led me somewhat into the weeds of early Mormon polygamy. It is a topic I have so far avoided blogging about. Expect some notes on those topics in future posts.

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3 comments on “An Update

  1. Bobby says:

    Good to hear from you James and Congrats on the twins really pleased for you. We have recently adopted a little boy, I have some idea of the life change that brings now, bless you mate.

  2. weshawehu says:

    Polygamy is not just something that is openly confessed by those who believe in more than one wife; it is a lot deeper than that. Polygamy is an act of adultery where the husband bellieves it is not wrong to have relations with some one other than his wife, legal polygamy only gives an unfaithful man the legal right to be unfaithful to a wife that god give him to love and be faithful to. This is only one example of the adultery of sex against a faithful wife that abuses the Mormon family of faithfulness
    Not only has the study that I have knowledge of the Mormon Church, thier members are to respect not only thier family but the family of other members; this includes the husband cherishing his wife and not going after his fellow neighbors wife. Polygamy is a sin which transfers the lust and lack of trust from something pure unto something that destroys the church; if there where two women to every man in the church does the church not teach to treat them as holy sisters that have not man and not to take them as a partner of adultery. I am sure that the mormons that I have known in my life have been against the acts of polygamy with the exception of the few that do not give heed unto doing what is right but covering thier own perverse sexual desire

  3. James says:

    Hi weshawehu.

    I’m not certain what exactly to make of your sometimes incoherent commentary, but please note that modern LDS Mormonism obviously does not practice polygamy, and early Mormonism obviously did not conser their practice of polygamy to be adultery or infidelity in any way.

    When a man takes another wife he is married to that wife, and so he is hardly committing adultery if he is having sexual relations with a woman to whom he is married.


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