These articles respond to various criticisms of the Book of Mormon.

Nephihah City Limits

Alma 7:10; Born “at” Jerusalem: A Review of Rocky Hulse’s Review

Elder Holland’s Oct 9 Conference Address: Book of Mormon

How did the Jaredites fit everything into their boats?

The James Strang Plates: Notes from Daniel Peterson

Tommy on Mormonism: Discussion of an anti-Mormon blog post

The 2nd Watson Letter

Kevin Christensen: Alma to Zeezrom, “One God”

Glass in the Book of Ether

Steve Smoot of “American Testament” blog refutes CARM

Lack of Mesoamerican iconography in the BoM

Infancy of Mesoamerican Archaeology

Horses: Mesoamerican Artwork

Jesus Born “At” Jerusalem?

Vernal Holley’s Great Lakes BoM Map

Pre-Christian Tablet Prophecies of Christ