These are articles that discuss various evidences for the Book of Mormon. I also recommend you check out our sister website “Book of Mormon Evidence” for much more evidence.

History Channel: Who Really Discovered America?

Hebraism: “This People”, David Bokovoy

Place-Names in the Desert (Lehi names streams and valleys after his sons)

BoM Complexity: Book of Ether

Eskimo Loanshifting: Horses as “Big Dogs”

Brant Gardner’s list of BoM evidences

The Name “Alma”

Divine Kingship in Mesoamerica: Mosiah 2:10

Ammon’s Story in a Mesoamerican Context

“…And it came to pass…”

Climate in the BoM

Heat on New Year’s Day? A Mesoamerican parallel

First Americans may have come by boat: Michael Coe

Kerry Shirt’s videos