LDS Godhead

These are articles that explore evidence for LDS views of God, as well as discussing various LDS perspectives on God.

On “personal relationships” with God

Numbers 23:19 “God is not a man that he should lie”

Does Amulek Teach the Trinity?

LDS Views of God’s Past

What do we mean when we say “god”?

Alma to Zeezrom: “One God”

The “Image” of God in the OT: Gen 1:26-27

“Owlam” (Everlasting) in the OT: A List

Ante-Nicene Views on God

“God is Spirit” in Ancient Christianity

Should Christians Pray to Jesus?

Can Man See God?…. A Double Standard Amongst Evangelical Critics

God commands Abraham to tell a lie in PoGP and Dead Sea Scrolls